Regrets: K-on beautifully ended with a grace note. I loved it so much! For the first time, I was able to love an anime without a plot or action. The comedy was first-class! It showed how people could fall in love with anime and laugh their heads off and still remember it for a longlong time without having to use loads of ecchi or senseless jokes or even harem.

 K-ONbu wa daisuki!!!!

Now that it was over T.T , I looked into the new animes to see if anything would suit my interests. Some of the PVs are below:

I wouldn’t say anything actually grabbed my attention at once except for To Aru Majutsu no Index 2. Yup I missed Kuroko and her onee-sama and all those action. ( I also heard they also have  planned a To Railgun OVA for late october omg!! yay!)

 Naruto and Bleach are still on my ‘Watching List’ though. I wonder if it’s gonna run till I grow old -.- I don’t mind actually…

   Apart from that, if I wanna kill time, I guess I might try

  • Soredemo Machi Wa Mawatteiru (I am just curious to know if it’s like Azumanga Diaoh, that’s all)
  • The world God only knows ( I get the general plot of it but don’t really have any idea how the story unfolds or what genre it falls under)
  • Yosuga no Sora (Slice of life genre or anything too slow is not my thing to watch. But it made me want to check it out after hearing the lil sister’s tsundere character and voice. Turns out she was Miyako Miyamura, the one who voiced also for Ef: A Tale of Memories. Don’t know who it is though…)
  • Fortune Arterial  (Someone told me to keep a lookout for the two sisters in the anime that might seem interesting. Shoujo ai perhaps? Dunno o_o)
  • Tantei Opera Milky Holmes (yes the last one which accidentally was titled Pokemon! Reminds me of Shugu Chara!)


  Other new animes are too overbearing with blinding fanservice scenes. Hyakka Ryouran Samurai Girls ahem….is it an makeover of Queen’s blade?

Hmm….(rubs the chin thoughtfully)…gone are the days when you see an anime and decide to become a hero and save the world without a second thought….did any of you have these impulses after seeing a heroic impluses to react positive and amazing to situations in our real world?! I did!!!

But these days when I sit in front of the few new animes….I’m mostly watching the floor or yawning in my sleep. I don’t blame anyone in particular but fanservice has just taken the place of almost every anime out there. The maximum ratio for FS to replace action/story would be 30:70. Yes I mean MAXIMUM!! Anything over it, admit it, becomes such a wishful boredom. 

Gimme a break guys…’s not fair T.T

Bring back the real spirit of animeeeeeeeeeeeee……achooo…..(sniff sniff) Think somebody just scolded me…..


Now now, don’t know what you are all thinking….

  After my long vacation (almost dead) comeback, I am commenting on a XBox 360 Game Sequal Novel!?!? Arghh, I must have lost it!!

But thats not the problem here, now that I am alive once more(barely because school’s killing me!!), I just wondered if there was anyone out there who played the XBox 360 game Perfect Dark Zero.

I am reading it’s sequal and I wondered to myself maybe it won’t be that bad to play it either. So far the story is good, I like the character because sometimes she is implusive and stupid like me, well not really stupid, but you know what I mean. Except that I don’t like the older guy hitting on her considering she is only 20 and God knows how much this guy ages!!

But the action, plot and character layout is pretty neat I would say. Greg Rucka has done a nice job with setting out the story to the readers in a game-like way. Oh oh before I forget, is it just me or someone else also thinks the image of Joanna Dark, our heroine’s image, looks like a rip-off and make-over of Angelina Jolie….? ^.^

(should love that Magsec gun, not because it can shoot but because Jo is holding itttttttt)


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