AHHHHHH!!  What a  episode! The first  half was so entertaining  with school  gags and  yuri  fanservice while the  second half  was  gripping  us with  deeper  story and movement.

Nyaaaaaa! Ascouer and Q-fuille kissed!!!  I almost fell off my chair when I saw it! For real!?  More  blushing scenes and  yuri butterflies….Dead team walking  and  the  whole  story set inside a school scenario. Cool,  it  reminds  me of   School Rumble,  where it  used to  have  reference  from other animes for gags  and made use of  all genres. Good job!

 Ascouer’s dreams were so crazy……SnowWhite with HARRY POTTER!!  lolol

After I was  still laughing thinking everything….ENTER  THE  VILLIAN!!  

“You’re  my little sister”

What the!? But  strong Ascouer  fought hard against his attempts of   brainwashing and pulled  out her power  with the punch-line, ‘Atashi tachi-wa Nakama da!!’ (We’re friends!’)

Kakkoiiii  ~

Interesting how they inserted tolerable yuri fanservice and comedy into the  serious plot  tone without messing  the one or the other.  So  what  turns does it take from  here??  The villian  is  upto  something nasty  and massive…

Will Ascouer and  team  survive?? Stay tuned!