(blows  nose) That was some touching episode……Q-feuille  (finally I spelt it right!) decides to save Ascouer and Di-air  at her own cost. How courageous!

Ascouer was also training on her own wanting to grow stronger to defeat her so-called brother. Trying to protect each other from  their worries, Q-feuille and Ascouer keep their secrets  safe locked in their hearts  and thus creating a big opening for the enemies. Q-feuille  about her memory problems and Ascouer  about her bad bro’s claim. Was that wise? Was that foolish? It’s a difficult  situation. It would have been better if they  had talked and could have come to some conclusion and solution together yet it’s not something you talk that easily too. Relationships are so complicated at times (sighs)

Saphir betrays her organisation and her partner Rubis and asks for refuge to GTOS. Ascouer, curious to find more about the enemy from  her doesn’t think deep and decides to save Saphir. And off they went to some Antartica-like  planet. I was rolling my eyes in suspicion when I first saw that planet because isn’t Saphir’s speciality dealt with ice and freeze? Going there would mean lack in offence and defence to their loss!  I would think  twice….

But still they landed there….talked to Saphir and on her request stayed till midnight. Honestly, I don’t need any more eloboration  that this is a total  trap!! Yeah,  trap trap trap! The so low temperature makes the girls  immobile. Tho’ it  was to capture  Ascouer at first,  Q-feuille thwarted the plan with her time-freeze powers and  ends up in her place instead and saves her team. Aww Q-feuille, wait, we are coming to save you…don’t  die yet…(bites handkerchief )