What?  What! Whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat!! (sits in emo corner and draws circles….) Q-feuille and Ascouer, I’m  so sorry  T______T

There are things that you can never forget no matter what even if the science of brain amnesia rips away every single memory you have of everything! That’s so true of Q-feuille…..even after  forgetting her own name and who she is….‘Ascouer’ – that  name for  some reason remains so dear to her while staying in her new unknown  world of voidness.

Knowing she is genetically designed just like them,  Rubis and Saphir kind of ease around her and tell her of their hard pasts, besides being her guardians for now on Geacht-er’s ( what a hard to spell  name  -.-)  orders. She starts to  move around the big  shots in G-society without knowing the details.  But…Ascouer…can Q-feuille really forget Ascouer??

(glares at Geacht-er) This stupid villian guy here then comes with a sadistic idea and asks one of his famous model guys to mess up with Q-feuille’ s  last and only precious memory! Yes,  that  guy, who the other time gave Ascouer harry potter dreams, yeah  him.

While Ascouer is in stand-by determined to save her partner, waiting  for her robot, Tiphon, to get  repaired  and believing Q-feuille would be alright till  then, the evil plan of  the enemy is put in action.

“Ass-co-u-er?? What is this?  A weird graphitti on my mirror?’

That was  the end  result  of  her mind-manipulation….My heart  jumped out when I saw it…She is internally jinxed!

ARGH,  I  hate  you, Gag-stew-er!!!  RAWR!

Q-feuille now believes she is sister to her enemy.  Can Ascouer take this? Can  she still save her beloved partner?  Or is it too-late?