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(tucks nose from bleeding) It’s not just Miyuri, bet almost everyone had nosebleeds this episode. Right on start, was this very distracting scene between Mafuyu and Tomo…..yuri fanservice is overflowing with yuri goodness! But  lol  all for fitting Tomo’s double N sized (borrowing Keiri’s words) into the poor little outfit? Pop went the button bullets! Real offensive action dude!  =p

And what on earth was Mufuyu doing  on top of  Tomo>?  News to me  they are sharing a bed?! This is  too much…I can’t take this any longer….I could dream  happy  now ~  (falls into  lala  land)

And  Sasha cross-dressing was hilarious.  And woah, didn’t know Katja could be anymore awesome!!! Sometimes it sounds like ‘curtain’  when they say Katja/Kate. But whatever. The point is, she is sooooooo cuteeeee!! She  got served by Miyuri  this time  and damn,  they  had to censor it when all the bright lights were showing around  Miyuri, bet she was enjoying it (mumbles)  >.<

But Stttrrrriippppp!! Poor  Miyuri stripped for everyone.  =[  I  thought she was one  of those annoying selfish character,  but in fact she is so caring, isn’t she? Her kindness  even  made Katja make a move  to save her  and redefine  the meaning of  ‘humans’  in her vocabulary.  Last time heroine, Teresa,  had comparitively less  air time  but did a good job at blushing  both at Sasha AND  Mafuyu….

And for  action criteria,  yeah,  the best of all, Katja took the stage with  her killer  moves with  her  killer momma  and MOAR!! I want moreeeeeeeee!


What the hell!! lol

Sasha and the other girls is one thing but the headstrong Hana falling for a gothic loli??  haha Yuriness!!

First half was about sasha and the angels and the rest we are introduced to this cute  transfer student Kate, a  qwaser of copper?? I don’t really like small girl characters but  Kate totally bombed  me!  And some  bloody entry was that for kate’s coffin mom I say!

Not much action in this episode as everything went for getting  ecchi-fied. But we get to see some more story  unfurl  meanwhile.

I  think  I like Mafuyu’s seiyuu and Kate’s seiyuu is really smothering with a sweet  lil girl’s voice. Art and lighting is pretty good.  I wonder  what’s gonna happen next apart from sucking ,   sucking and sucking…. -.-

Okay, I’m done whining.


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